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Gift package - V60 do it yourself package - 6 items

Geschenkpakket - V60 doe het zelf pakket - 6 artikelen

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Sometimes it is nice as an employer to give something other than a simple box of cookies and goodies. Sometimes you want to give your colleagues more of an experience, and that's with something you all have in common. You can almost smell it, coffee of course! That is why we have chosen this time to put together a nice package so that you can make that delicious cup of coffee at home in a fun and innovative way. This way, as an employer, you give something different than a simple box with goodies, and that's so nice!


Offering an experience as an employee gift was quite a challenge but you know us, we will continue until it is perfect! So you can count on us to come up with something fun for all those nice employees of yours. With the products of Hario® Japan you make normal coffee making a real experience. By managing every moment of the brewing process yourself, you make it a fun and educational experience. This way you can experiment and discover new things all the time. But most importantly, is it all in this package?

  • Hario V60 plastic dripper size 01: This innovative dripper uses a 60 degree V-angle to optimize the flow of coffee. The ribs that can be seen ensure that the coffee can expand again and the oxygen can escape, which in turn ensures pure coffee.
  • Hario V60 Filters white size 01: Of course you cannot use a dripper without filters. These Hario filters are specially made and optimized for the dripper that you get with this package. They are matched so that the coffee is as perfect as it can be.
  • Café du Jour fresh coffee - Brazil - 250 grams: A delicious general coffee of excellent quality. This way you can be sure that everyone will like it, and you can practice with your new dripper.
  • Café du Jour fresh coffee - Ethiopia - 250 grams: When you are completely prepared, you can get to work and enjoy the delicious coffee from Ethiopia. A tad intense with a medium acidity and body. Just concentrate and enjoy!
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BrandCafé du Jour
Produced inNetherlands
CaffeineWith caffeine
  • Candy sticks: Sometimes you have to make your coffee a bit sweeter and then nothing is more fun than a nice candy stick. Fits perfectly with your fresh coffee and also shows a piece of presentation!
  • Choco-Chips Cookies: Of course there is a cookie with coffee. And what could be better than a delicious Chocolate chip cookie. This American classic will make your guests' mouth water right away, and they haven't even tasted your coffee yet!

Although making coffee at work is easy with a chic and modern machine, it does take away a bit of the magic. That is why we have put together this not only tasty but also nice device to bring that process back. In this way, as a boss, you bring something delicious and original, that is an experience!


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