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Water filter - compatible Claris White screw-on - fits AEG, Bosch, Krups, Siemens, etc.

Waterfilter - compatible Claris White schroefbaar - passend op AEG, Bosch, Krups, Siemens, etc.
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Compatible with Claris White screw-in water filter cartridge.

Alternative for original type KRUPS F088, NIVONA F088, Bosch TCZ 6003, SIEMENS TZ60003, AEG 9000849514.

Full list of coffee makers is at the bottom of the page.

This water filter purifies tap water from e.g. chlorine, lead and copper, but the machine will not remain free of limescale. We recommend descaling your machine at least twice a year (always remove the water filter before descaling). The cartridge filters 50 litres of water. This is equivalent to about 400 cups of coffee or 1000 cups of espresso. Replace the filter at least every 2 months.

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  • NEFF: C7660N0, C7660N0GB, C7660N1, C7660N1GB
  • NIVONA: 650, 610, 620, 626, 630, 635, 646, 710, 720, 725, 730, 740, 745, 750, 757, 765, 767, 770, 777, 830, 831, 840, 845, 850, 855
  • SIEMENS: TK52002, TK60001, TK64001, TK64F09, TK68001, TK68009, TK69001, TK69009, TK58001, TK54001, TK60001, TK64001, TK68001, TK69001, TCA6371, TCA6371, TCA63071
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