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Getting coffee ground at Café du Jour

Koffiemaling bij Café du Jour

At Café du Jour, we know that turning whole beans into a great cup of coffee is an art. We want you to enjoy the best coffee experience, which is why we offer different grinding options, from Turkish to French press. We make sure that your preferred grind is perfectly fulfilled. In addition to whole beans, you can therefore choose from our entire range of freshly roasted coffee choose a grind on the product page. Your coffee will then be ground especially for you just before shipping.

If you explore our grind options, you might see a small extra cost for ground coffee. That extra cost is there because we invest in top-notch coffee grinders and regularly replace expensive grinding discs. We strive for perfection in every cup, that includes a perfect grind and that's what expensive stuff is used for.

Our commitment to freshly ground coffee means we prepare your selection with care. The EK43 grinder, famous for its precision, is used to create a consistent grind perfectly matched to your way of brewing coffee, be it with an espresso machine, Aeropress or French press. We are convinced that the enhanced coffee experience you get by choosing your grind is well worth the small extra cost.

Discover the perfect grind for your brew:

Turkish coffee

Freshly ground - Turkish coffee

Long before the Dutch spread coffee around the world from West Africa and Yemen, people were drinking coffee in the Arab world. The Ottomans brought these delicious spices to Istanbul. The world's very first coffee house opened here in 1554 in the Tahtakale district, where coffee drinking became a cultural occasion.

This fine grind, similar to cocoa powder, is perfect for Turkish coffee. Historically linked to wedding traditions, this coffee is often enjoyed unfiltered, sometimes with sugar and sometimes with a touch of cardamom for extra flavour.

The coffee is put into a "cezve" (type of pan) along with the same amount of sugar, to which water is added. The whole thing is slowly brought to the boil. After the coffee has boiled for a while, it is poured, coffee grounds and all, into an espresso cup. Since Turkish coffee is quite strong, it is usually served with a glass of water. The idea is not to drink the coffee completely, leaving the coffee grounds in the cup.

Mahlkönig EK43 & Santos NO4 bij Café du Jour

Espresso semi-automatic

Freshly ground - Espresso semi-automatic (manual)

A fine grind that forms the basis for all your favourite coffee drinks such as cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites. Espresso, originating from Italy, is a term that flew over from Italy sometime in 1900 from the word "esprimere" meaning to express something somewhere.

So just for the record, it is NOT EXpresso, but simply espresso. We call this grind at Café du Jour Espresso semi-automatic (manual) because this grind is most commonly used in espresso machines with a piston, i.e. a semi-automatic. If you pour coffee into the valve for this in the fully automatic machine, you will also need this grind.

Basically, we try most of the coffees we sell here at Café du Jour at least as espresso with this grind.


Fresh ground - Percolator

This grind, similar to espresso but slightly coarser, fits perfectly with the iconic Moka pot. This Italian invention from 1933 combines tradition with functionality and has a striking octagonal shape. Hot water is forced through the coffee by pressure and comes out as coffee in the upper part of the percolator. We use a slightly coarser grind than espresso, for example.


Freshly ground - Aeropress

Just slightly coarser than espresso, this grind is the perfect travelling companion for the Aeropress. Invented by American engineer Alan Adler in 2005, the Aeropress is known for its portability and impressive performance. It is a relatively simple little coffee maker where you use hot water and manually press it through the coffee.


Fresh ground - Filter

Regular grind for use in filter machines and we also use it for the Hario V60. Bit in between coarse and medium so the hot water sinks through the coffee at the right speed.


Freshly ground - Cafetière

Also known as French Press, coffee press, plunger, stantuffo and many other names worldwide, the Cafetière offers a coarse grind that produces a rich and aromatic coffee. Portable, easy to use and versatile, it is a favourite among coffee lovers worldwide. The grind is somewhat coarser because the hot water stays in contact with the coffee for quite a long time and, in addition, the metal filter allows coffee that has been ground too finely to pass through easily.


Freshly ground - Chemex

The Chemex, designed in 1941 by Peter Schlumbohm, is a manual pour-over coffee maker. Using thick paper filters, this grinder offers a super clean cup of coffee, and its beautiful shape even makes it a work of art that can be seen in various museums around the world. Due to the properties of the special Chemex filter paper, we grind this coffee in a different way than, for example, filter coffee.

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