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Coffee machine cleaning tablets

  1. Café du Jour Descaling tablets 6 pieces
    Café du Jour Descaling tablets 6 pieces
    Café du Jour
    Regular Price 6.95 Special Price 5.21
    5.21 / piece
  2. Cafetto Tevo® Maxi - cleaning tablets for coffee machines (2.5 g) - 150 pieces
  3. Cafetto Tevo® mini - cleaning tablets for coffee machines (1.5 g) - 100 pieces
  4. Cafetto EVO® - cleaning powder for coffee machines - 500 grams
  5. Café du Jour reinigingstablet 1 gram
    Café du Jour reinigingstablet 1 gram
    Café du Jour
    1.95 / piece
  6. Café du Jour reinigingstablet 2,5 gram
    Café du Jour reinigingstablet 2,5 gram
    Café du Jour
    1.95 / piece
  7. Clean Express Cleaning tablets 1 gram x 100 pieces
    Clean Express Cleaning tablets 1 gram x 100 pieces
    Clean Express
    As low as 10,51
    0.10 / piece
  8. Clean Express Cleaning tablets 2,5 gram x 60 pieces
    Clean Express Cleaning tablets 2,5 gram x 60 pieces
    Clean Express
    As low as 10,07
    0.17 / piece
  9. Bosch / Siemens Descaling tablets for Coffee Machine 6 pieces
  10. Maintenance set Coffee machine Siemens / Bosch - 10 tablets / 500 ml descaler
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  11. Bosch / Siemens Cleaning tablets for Coffee machine  - 10 pieces
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What could be better than starting your day with a delicious cup of fresh coffee? To make sure your coffee is always of optimal quality and your machine keeps working smoothly, regular maintenance is essential. Using cleaning tablets is an effective way to keep your coffee machine clean and protect it from scaling, blockages and malfunctions. Discover our range of cleaning tablets for your coffee machine!

What are cleaning tablets for a coffee machine?

Cleaning tablets for a coffee machine remove grease from your coffee machine. You mainly use cleaning tablets in fully automatic coffee machines. In other coffee machines, such as a semi-automatic machine, cleaning powder is more often used. Regular use of coffee machine cleaning tablets is important to prevent coffee machine problems. Coffee beans are a bit greasy and during coffee brewing, this grease gets into the brewing group and pipes of the coffee machine. By using cleaning tablets, you prevent accumulation of this grease and prevent blockages.

How do coffee machine cleaning tablets work?

Cleaning tablets for a coffee machine work together with a coffee machine's cleaning programme. A cleaning tablet is placed in the coffee machine's brewing group after which the automatic cleaning programme is run. This programme ensures that the cleaning tablet is dissolved and flushed through all the pipes through which the greasy coffee passes. After running the rinse menu, the coffee machine is again free of greasy deposits.

Which brand of coffee machine cleaning tablets?

Most brands of coffee machines logically refer to their own brand of cleaning tablets in their manual. That doesn't mean you can't use universal cleaning tablets. The size and weight of a cleaning tablet determines how well it works. Firstly, the cleaning tablet must fit into the cleaning tablet insert compartment. And also, it is important that the cleaning programme allows the cleaning tablet to dissolve completely. Most cleaning tablets are around 2.5 grams. It happens with some coffee machines that a cleaning tablet of around 1 gram is needed.

At Café du Jour, we sell cleaning tablets from the brands: Cafetto Tevo, Café du Jour and Bosch/Siemens. Our house brand cleaning tablets can be used for various (fully) automatic coffee machines. We have tablets in 1 gram and 2.5 grams (standard).

How do you use coffee machine cleaning tablets?

Cleaning tablets for a coffee machine are always used in combination with running a cleaning programme. The manual of each coffee machine explains how to start and run a cleaning programme. At the start of a cleaning programme, you will usually be asked to insert a cleaning tablet. You do this by throwing a cleaning tablet into a special compartment or by placing the cleaning tablet in the filter of the brewing group. After this, the cleaning programme will do the rest. Afterwards, the brewing group is rinsed with clean water and the coffee machine is free of grease and ready for use.

The importance of regular maintenance

A coffee machine is a valuable asset for coffee lovers. To ensure that your coffee machine performs optimally and lasts a long time, regular maintenance essential. One of the most effective ways to extend the life of your coffee machine is to use regular cleaning tablets. In this article, we will discuss how using cleaning tablets can help improve the performance and durability of your coffee machine.

How cleaning tablets improve your coffee machine

Cleaning tablets for your coffee machine help extend the life of your coffee machine. Using cleaning tablets provides the following:

Removal of build-up and limescale deposits

Regular use of your coffee machine can cause coffee residues, oils and minerals such as calcium and magnesium to build up in the internal parts. This build-up can negatively affect the machine's performance and lead to clogged pipes, disrupted water flow and even taste changes in your coffee. Cleaning tablets are specially designed to remove this build-up and reduce limescale deposits, allowing your coffee machine to work more efficiently.

Improve the taste of your coffee

Build-up of coffee residue and limescale deposits in your coffee machine can affect the taste of your coffee. It can lead to bitter flavours, a flat taste experience or even an unpleasant smell. By using cleaning tablets regularly, you ensure that your coffee machine stays clean and that your coffee retains its full aroma and flavour. This contributes to a better coffee experience and satisfaction when using your machine.

Maintaining machine performance

A coffee machine that is not cleaned regularly can reduce its performance over time. Clogged pipes and limescale deposits can impede water flow rate, resulting in longer brew times and weaker coffee extraction. By using cleaning tablets, you keep the internal parts of your coffee machine clean and free of blockages. This helps maintain a consistent water flow, ensuring your coffee is always brewed with the right pressure and extraction.

Extending the life of the machine

Whether you have a fully automatic coffee machine, espresso machine or any other variety, make sure you do regular cleaning using the right cleaning tablets. This will extend the life of your coffee machine and ensure that you can always enjoy a perfect cup of coffee.

By removing build-up and limescale deposits, you reduce the chances of blockages, component wear and other potential malfunctions. This means your coffee machine can work more efficiently and is less likely to be damaged, allowing you to enjoy your investment for longer.

How do you use coffee machine cleaning tablets?

Using cleaning tablets is simple. Consult your coffee machine's user manual to know how often and in what way to use the tablets. It is usually recommended to perform a regular cleaning programme, where you insert the tablets and start the cleaning process. This will effectively remove coffee residues, oils and fats, resulting in a better taste of your coffee and optimal water flow.

By regularly cleaning your coffee machine with good cleaning tablets, you will prevent breakdowns and extend the life of your machine. The cleaning tablets not only clean the pipes and the brewing group, but also ensure that coffee deposits are vigorously removed. This benefits the taste of your coffee and keeps your coffee machine working safely and optimally.

Besides cleaning your coffee machine, it is also essential to regularly descale. For this, you can use special decalcifiers, which are available separately. Again, follow the manufacturer's instructions for best results.

How often do you clean your coffee machine with cleaning tablets?

Cleaning a coffee machine with cleaning tablets depends on the make and model of the machine, as well as the manufacturer's instructions for use. In general, it is recommended to clean your coffee machine with cleaning tablets about once every 1-3 months.

To give a more specific answer, I would like to know the make and model of your coffee machine so that I can look up the specific cleaning instructions for your machine.

What should you pay attention to when buying cleaning tablets for coffee machine?

When choosing cleaning tablets, pay attention to quality and price. There are several brands and products available, but the best cleaning tablets offer safe and effective cleaning for your coffee machine at a competitive price. At Café du Jour, we sell various high-quality cleaning tablets to clean your coffee machine.

Don't use the wrong cleaning products!

Do not use the wrong cleaning agents, such as vinegar, as they can cause damage to the internal components of your coffee machine. Rely on the recommended cleaning tablets for optimal cleaning and protection.

Buy cleaning tablets at Café du Jour

As a proud owner of a coffee machine, you know the importance of regular maintenance. Luckily, our cleaning tablets are available to help you keep your coffee machine in optimal condition.

Our coffee machine cleaning tablets come in convenient packaging and are suitable for use with a variety of coffee machines. They thoroughly clean the brewing group and remove coffee residues, so you can always enjoy the best coffee taste. In addition, the tablets indicate when it is time to replace them, so you always have a clean and well-maintained machine.

Extend the life of your coffee machine, enjoy a great coffee taste and prevent problems by cleaning regularly with our coffee machine cleaning tablets. Buy your cleaning tablets now and enjoy the best coffee taste and extend the life of coffee machine!

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