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Mild coffee beans at Café du Jour

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    test koffie 1eur
    Floral 1 - Mild
    1.00 / kg
  2. Gorilla Café Crème - coffee beans - 1 KG
    Gorilla Café Crème - coffee beans - 1 KG
    Floral, Fruity 2 - Mild
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    13.01 / kg
  3. Gorilla Crema No.1 - coffee beans - 1 KG
    Gorilla Crema No.1 - coffee beans - 1 KG
    Floral, Fruity 2 - Mild
    As low as 13.91
    13.91 / kg

Strong coffee is certainly not for everyone. Perhaps you are someone who prefers a softer, more subtle flavour. A coffee that offers the perfect balance between aroma, flavour and a delicious crema. If so, then you're in the right place. At CafeDuJour.ie, we have put together a special range of mild coffee beans to make your coffee moments even more enjoyable.

What Are Mild Coffee Beans?

Mild coffee beans are beans that have lower acidity and a subtle flavour. They are perfect for people looking for a mild, accessible coffee flavour. They are often beans that have been roasted a little lighter and therefore have less bitterness and more fruity and floral notes.

The Benefits of Mild Coffee

Easier on the Stomach

Because mild coffee beans have lower acidity, they tend to be easier on the stomach. They are therefore a good option if you are sensitive to acid.


The mildness of the beans makes it easier to combine them with different types of milk, syrups and flavours.

Subtle Complexity

Don't be fooled by the word "mild." These coffee beans can be just as complex and flavourful as their stronger counterparts.

Our Top Selection

At Café du Jour, we have the best of the best when it comes to mild coffee beans. Our experts have selected beans that offer exceptional flavour and quality. Each coffee bean is selected for its unique flavour profile and comes with a detailed description, so you know exactly what to expect.

How to make the Perfect Mild Coffee

  1. Proper Ratio: Use about 18g of coffee for 250ml of water.
  2. Water Temperature: Make sure the water temperature is between 92-96 degrees Celsius.
  3. Grind: A medium grind is best for a balanced flavour.
  4. Brewing Method: Try a French Press or an Aeropress for best results.


Mild coffee beans are an excellent choice for those who like a smooth, less acidic coffee experience. With our specially selected mild coffee beans, every cup of coffee becomes a pure pleasure. Try it now and discover for yourself the rich, subtle flavours that mild coffee beans have to offer.

Cafedujour.ie is rated with 4.9 / 5 based on Google Customer Reviews