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Oolong tea

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    Mailbox gift set : Loose Tea starter pack "light"
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Oolong tea or "black dragon" tea originates from China. The reason for its unique name is that the leaves are long, dark and curly. Black tarragon tea is very healthy and has many health benefits. Imagine a tea that is both healthy and has a very cool name, what more could you want?

About oolong tea

Oolong tea, a traditional Chinese tea, is somewhere between green and black teas, with incomplete oxidation providing a unique taste experience. The writhing dragon corpses of oolong tea, such as the black dragon and Mount Dong Ding, play an important role in our range of loose leaf teas.

Various oolong teas

Our selection of oolong teas includes several varieties, each with a distinct flavour profile. From creamy and smooth varieties to woody and floral flavours, there is an oolong for every taste bud. The tea leaves are carefully picked and undergo special processing, paying attention to the fermentation process and oxidation to achieve the characteristic flavours.

At Café du Jour, we have not only traditional oolong teas, but also unique blends with additions such as rose blossom and marigold for a rich and complex taste experience. If you prefer teas with decaffeinated options, we have rooibos tea in our range.

Picked and produced in several countries, including China, Taiwan, India, and Vietnam, our oolong tea range pays homage to its rich origins. The processing, with temperatures, degrees of oxidation and the sun as key factors, creates a colour palette of tea leaves that will enchant your senses.

Health benefits of oolong tea

Oolong tea is known for its health benefits and these range from supporting weight loss to promoting healthy skin. Due to the partial oxidation process, oolong tea retains many of the antioxidants found in green tea. These antioxidants can help neutralise free radicals in the body and promote general wellbeing. In addition, it is believed that oolong tea can boost metabolism, making it a popular choice for those pursuing their health and wellness goals.

Flavour profile of oolong tea

Oolong tea offers a diverse flavour palette that ranges somewhere between green and black tea. The leaves, with their sinuous dragon bodies, provide a unique character and distinct flavour profile. Some oolong teas have a floral and light character, while others have more of a slightly nutty character. The variation in degrees of oxidation and different processing methods result in a wide range of flavours, from creamy and smooth to lively and characterful.

Oolong tea and its role in Chinese culture

Oolong tea has played an important role in Chinese culture, where it has been picked and produced for centuries. The crafting process is of great importance and is considered an art form. The black dragon, a traditional symbol, is derived from the writhing dragon corpses of the tea leaves. The character of oolong tea reflects the gentle yet powerful nature of Chinese emperors, and it was often considered a beverage for imperial courts.

Oolong tea

Enjoy the process of brewing a cup of oolong tea by letting the tea leaves slowly release their aromas and flavours. With a choice between loose rolled teas, traditional Chinese teas and blends, Café du Jour offers a range of products for all tea lovers. Whether you use a filter method or prefer the traditional Chinese method of infusion, the result is a colourful cup of tea that will entice your senses and leave you enjoying the diverse flavours of this unique oolong tea.

Buy oolong tea at Café du Jour

Whether you are a tea enthusiast looking to discover traditional Chinese teas or a newcomer looking for a new favourite tea, Café du Jour invites you to explore our oolong teas. Discover the world of flavours, compare different varieties, and find the oolong that suits you perfectly. Be enchanted by the unique characteristics of oolong tea, the tea that masterfully masters the art of oxidation.

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