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Rooibos tea

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    Hemp & Fruit - fruit tea 100 grams - Café du Jour loose tea
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    Green Rooibos - Rooibos tea 100 grams - Café du Jour loose tea
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    Red Lemon - Rooibos tea 100 grams - Café du Jour loose tea
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    Mailbox gift set : Loose Tea starter pack "light"
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One tea that is not from China this time is Rooibos. Originating from South Africa, the leaves for rooibos tea are picked and undergo a fermentation process, giving them the recognisable red colour you are used to. A nice benefit of rooibos tea is that it contains a substance that inhibits inflammation. Furthermore, rooibos tea can boost your heart health. In short, a tea full of goodness. Try it now!

Our collection

At Café du Jour, we have a variety of rooibos teas in our range. Here are some examples:

1. Pure rooibos:

Enjoy authentic South African rooibos in its purest form. Taste the rich and smooth flavour without caffeine.

2. Fruity temptation:

Discover our fruity rooibos blends, from sweet strawberry to exotic mango. A feast for your taste buds.

3. Healthy enjoyment:

Experience the anti-inflammatory properties and vitamin C in our organic rooibos teas.

4. Special blends:

From rosemary to flowers, our special blends offer an extensive choice for every taste preference.

Discover the world of rooibos tea

Sourced from the sun-drenched fields of South Africa, rooibos tea embraces a rich history of tradition and innovation. The range of loose rooibos teas is like a palette of flavours, where each variant tells a story. Whether you choose the robust pure variety, the subtle green rooibos, or a sophisticated blend, each cup offers a unique experience.

In the quest for healthy lifestyle choices, organic rooibos tea is a valuable discovery. Each sip offers not only an explosion of flavour, but also a comforting sense of purity. Its anti-inflammatory properties and added vitamin C make this tea not only a delight for the taste buds but also a treat for the body.

Healthy enjoyment from rooibos tea

Rooibos contains natural antioxidants and is caffeine-free, making it an ideal tea for any time of the day. The fruity flavours, such as sweet strawberry and passion fruit, bring a refreshing twist to your tea moment. Did you know that rooibos tea also contains no caffeine? That ensures rooibos tea has a calming effect.


Whether you opt for a soothing rooibos tea at bedtime, an invigorating ginger tea for energy, or a fruity iced tea for refreshment on hot days, rooibos teas suit every occasion perfectly. Let the different flavours and aromas take you on a journey of enjoyment and well-being.

Organic rooibos tea

Organic rooibos tea, sourced from carefully cultivated plants on certified organic tea farms, embodies the essence of purity and sustainability. The unique combination of organic growing methods and the natural growing environment in South Africa results in a tea of exceptional quality. With the absence of synthetic chemicals and pesticides, the true flavour of rooibos comes out in every sip, while contributing to a healthy environment. Organic rooibos tea is not only a culinary delight, but also a conscious choice for tea lovers striving for a harmonious balance between health and ecological well-being. Café du Jour has a wide range of organic rooibos tea.

Loose tea

Loose rooibos tea, with its unbound leaves and unfiltered flavours, offers an authentic tea experience that reveals the true essence of rooibos. Unlike pre-packaged tea bags, loose rooibos tea allows the leaves to fully unfold, maximising the release of aromas and flavours during the brewing process. Choosing loose rooibos tea allows aficionados to customise the intensity of the reddish-brown infusion, resulting in a cup perfectly tailored to personal preferences. This unlimited approach to rooibos tea creates a rich, full-bodied flavour and offers a sense of connection to the natural origins of this delicious South African infusion. Check out our other flavours loose tea!

How to make loose rooibos tea?

Brewing rooibos tea requires attention to detail to reveal the full opulence of flavours. Start by heating fresh water to just below boiling, then add the loose rooibos leaves to a tea filter or tea strainer. Let the tea steep gently for about 5 to 7 minutes, depending on the desired strength. The slow process of infusion gives the rooibos time to develop its characteristic red hue and deep flavour. For an extra touch of finesse, you can combine the tea with other ingredients such as vanilla, orange or spices, creating a unique blend. The result is a delicious cup of rooibos tea.

Order loose tea at Café du Jour

Order loose rooibos tea now, healthy and delicious, at Café du Jour. Also discover our various blends, including green rooibos, black tea and green tea. Order your favourite tea at Café du Jour today!

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