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  1. SUN Santa Rosa Medium Roast Fairtrade - coffee beans - 1 kilo
  2. SUN Blue Mountain Dark Roast Fairtrade - coffee beans - 1 kilo
  3. SUN Blue Mountain Medium Roast Fairtrade - coffee beans - 1 kilo
  4. SUN Santa Rosa Dark Roast Fairtrade - coffee beans - 1 kilo
    SUN Santa Rosa Dark Roast Fairtrade - coffee beans - 1 kilo
    SUN koffie
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    20.74 / kg

Want to take your coffee moment to the next level? Are you looking for coffee beans that are not only tasty but also ethically sourced? Look no further! At Café du Jour, we have just what you need: SUN coffee beans. Find out in this category page why SUN coffee will become your new favourite!

Why Choose SUN Coffee?

SUN is not just another coffee brand; it is a coffee experience. With a range of 15 different coffee flavours, SUN ensures that there is something for every coffee lover. In addition, SUN is a Dutch company committed to Fairtrade practices. That means you not only enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, but also contribute to a fairer world.

SUN's Unique Offer

A wide range of coffee flavours awaits you. Whether you like a light, fruity blend or a dark, powerful espresso, SUN has it all. And if you have trouble choosing, why not try a sample pack? That way you can try out different flavours at your leisure at home.

Fairtrade: Good For You, Good For The Farmers

One of SUN's core values is to support Fairtrade farming practices. By choosing SUN, you know that the coffee farmers who produce your coffee get a fair price for their hard work. In addition, the coffee beans are roasted in the Netherlands, guaranteeing quality.

Global availability

SUN does not stop at the Dutch border. The beans are shipped all over the world from the Netherlands. Wherever you are, a pack of SUN coffee is always within reach.

Summary: SUN Coffee is the Choice for You

At Café du Jour, we are proud to offer SUN's delicious and fair coffee beans. Turn your coffee moments into special occasions with SUN coffee. Not only will you taste the quality, but you will also contribute to a better world. Order now and experience it for yourself!

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