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Mint tea

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Mint tea is sometimes considered a natural medicine. Now you may be thinking, what can tea do when I have a headache? Well, relieve that headache. Multiple studies have shown that fresh mint tea relieves or even eliminates headaches altogether. But that's not the only thing. Mint tea also works great against motion sickness and nausea. The substances in mint tea quickly reduce nausea and make you feel well again quickly! Moreover, mint tea is simply very tasty.

What is mint tea?

A refreshing drink rooted in ancient traditions, mint tea is a real treat for the senses. The base of this delicious mint tea consists of fresh mint leaves, carefully picked and prepared. Whether you opt for a simple cup of black tea with a cold slice of lemon and a touch of honey, or prefer a complex blend of herbs and peppermint, mint tea offers an unparalleled fresh taste and aroma. Its preparation is as diverse as the ingredients themselves. Some enjoy ordering a simple mint tea at a café, while others pick their mint leaves from their own mint plant and lovingly brew it into a delicious cup. Regardless of the method, mint tea is a drink that is not only very tasty, but also offers numerous health benefits.

What is mint tea good for?

Mint tea is more than just a tasty beverage. Known for its calming effect on the stomach and intestines, this green digestive aid can relieve headaches and reduce bloating. Its beneficial properties are packed with natural ingredients such as fresh mint, ginger and lemon. Mint tea, with a hint of cinnamon, not only provides relief for upset stomachs, but can also help improve digestion and improve mental focus. This miraculous plant is like a pot of health in your own fridge. So, what are you waiting for? Pour yourself a cup of mint tea and discover its many benefits for body and mind.

What does mint taste like?

Mint has a fresh and refreshing taste. It usually has a light, sweet undertone, combined with a sharp, peppermint flavour. Mint can vary in flavour strength, depending on the type of mint and how fresh it is. Generally described as cool and invigorating, mint is often used in drinks such as mint tea, cocktails and lemonade, as well as in various dishes, salads and desserts. The flavour of mint can range from mild to intense, depending on the amount of mint used and the way it is prepared.

Buy mint tea at Café du Jour

Enjoy a fresh mint tea with a little honey. Enriched with peppermint and ginger, this herbal tea is perfect for relieving headaches and fighting colds. Serve this delicious recipe throughout the day for ultimate well-being.

Order your favourite tea and accessories at Café du Jour and make every cup a moment of enjoyment and relaxation. Taste the delicious aromas, experience the flavour and indulge in the warmth and cosiness of a cup of tasty tea!

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