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Robusta coffee beans are the perfect choice for lovers of strong coffee

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Looking for a cup of coffee with strong character and rich flavour? Then look no further! At Café du Jour, we have a wide range of robusta coffee beans that offer exactly what you need. Read on to discover why robusta coffee beans could become your new favourite!

What Are Robusta Coffee Beans?

Robusta coffee beans are one of the two most well-known types of coffee beans, next to arabica. They are known for their strong, earthy flavour and higher caffeine content. These beans are ideal for espresso and other strong coffee varieties.

Why Robusta?

Robusta coffee beans contain more caffeine than arabica beans, resulting in a stronger cup of coffee. They are also cheaper and easier to grow. This makes robusta the perfect choice for those who like a spicy, inexpensive coffee with a kick.

Robusta Versus Arabica

While arabica is known for its sweeter and more complex flavour profile, robusta offers a fuller, richer flavour with a higher caffeine content. This makes robusta ideal for those looking for an energy boost.

Health benefits

Robusta coffee is not only delicious but also healthy. The beans contain antioxidants and are good for the heart. In addition, the high caffeine content is ideal for those who could use an energy boost.

How to prepare

You can prepare robusta coffee beans in many different ways. Whether you like espresso, cappuccino or simply black coffee, robusta offers a range of options.

Our product range

At Café du Jour you will find a wide range of robusta coffee beans, ranging from light to dark roast. We have something for everyone!


Robusta coffee beans offer a strong, rich flavour and a solid energy boost. They are an excellent choice for lovers of strong coffee. So what are you waiting for? Discover Café du Jour's extensive range now and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee!

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