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DVA water softner 5 / 8 / 12 liters regenarate / rinsing


The regenaration / rinsing of the DVA water softners is easy to use and takes about 30 minutes of your day. This is a simplified explanation to visualize the process a little easier than the manual does.

Putting the transparent tubes in the right place

During use both taps are, as shown in the picture both pointed to the left. before you do anything with the tubes it works to your advantage to shut down the espresso machine thats connected to the descaler.

Next up, put the upper transparent tube in a large empty soda bottle, and put the lower transparent tube into the disposal. 


Draining the water softner

After putting the upper tube in a soda bottle and the lower tube into the disposal you can now turn both taps half a turn so they point right. There should now be water coming out of both tubes.


Putting regenaration salt/ softner salt in the water softner.

You can now take the cap of on the topside and put in the recommended amount of regenaration salt/ softner salt into the machine. The amount depends on the amount of water use and the firmness of the water. At a water firmness of 10º DH:

  • 5 Liter DVA water softner: every 1000 liter 0.5 kg
  • 8 Liter DVA water softner: every 1600 liter 1 kg
  • 12 Liter DVA water softner: every 3200 liter 1.5 kg

If your machine uses more water the rinsing process might take longer, refer to the manual for a detailed overview.


Rinsing the water softner

Time to rinse the machine. Turn the upper blue tap back so it faces left. It's important to keep the lower tube in the disposal, the rinse water comes out this end. The rinsing process might take a while depending on the amount of softner salt you put into the machine and the type of water softner. 

To check if the machine is done rinsing you can taste a drop of water coming out the lower tube. If the water is still salty, keep rinsing the machine.


Placing the water softner back into operating mode

If the water has stopped being salt you can turn the lower tube back towards the right side. The machine is now ready to be used again. 


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