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Café du Jour Perto Instant (instant coffee)

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  • Very high and fast capacity (240 cups per hour)
  • Suitable for instant automatic coffee (brewing coffee at high speed)
  • Suitable for cocoa powder (chocolate milk)
  • Suitable for milk topping (coffees with milk such as cappuccino)

The Perto is a business espresso machine with a modern look. Ideal for use in larger offices. With unprecedented speed, this machine prepares coffee specialties of excellent quality. The brewer ensures the best in-cup quality.

The Perto is very user-friendly due to the unique touchscreen. The double cup sensors ensure that the cup is in the correct position before a drink is dispensed. Losses and pollution are therefore a thing of the past. A jug function is also provided with this versatile machine. Optionally, the Perto can be supplied with a coin change payment system.

Price shown does not include maintenance and coffee contract.


Easy maintance

The Perto is easy to maintain. The coffee machine has an automatic rinsing system and the interior is practical. This ensures that cleaning is done in a jiffy.

Efficent in use

Due to a self-sufficient energy saving mode that remembers dips and peaks, the Perto is economical in its consumption. The machine already heats up the water for a peak moment and will go into a rest mode at times when the machine is not used much. This way you always have high-quality coffee and you also contribute to a better world.

Satisfied staff, Care free delivery

In consultation we can offer package solutions with, for example, coffee delivery, disposable cups, sugar and cocoa or a full maintenance contract tailored to consumption.

Technical Specifications

Type Instant
3 canisters Instant coffee 2 liter 2x Instant 4,6 liter
4 canisters Instant coffee 2 liter Instant 4,6 liter 2x Instant 2 liter
5 canisters Instant coffee 2 liter 4x Instant 2 liter
Measurements 845**x350x540 mm
Capacity 240 cups per hour 500 cups per hour double heating element
Contents 3 - 5 productcanisters
Boiler Boiler 5 liter
Power 230V, 50Hz 3.1kW single heating element 6.1kW double heating element 3.4kW single heating element with internal cooler 6.4 double heating element with internal cooler
Water connection 3/4” 2x 3/4” with internal cooler
Water pressure 2-8 bar (0,2-0,8 MPa) 2-2,5 bar with internal cooler (0,2-0,25 MPa)


  • Cans 18.5 cm
  • Empty canister notification
  • Residue collector ± 10 litres
  • Energy saving program
  • Foldable cup tray
  • Strength adjustable for all ingredients
  • 7-inch capacitive touch screen
  • Menu 5x4 or 4x3 options
  • Telemetry capabilities
  • 2 cup size
  • Separate hot water spout
  • Simultaneous outlet of hot water and coffee
  • Branding possibility
  • Cup sensors
  • LED cup position indication
  • Automatic rinse program
  • Drip tray sensor
  • Drip tray removable from the outside


  • Lockable cabinet with or without cup holders, compartments for ingredients
  • Internal cold water cooler
  • Cold water unit only for installation in a base cabinet with a flat door
  • Base unit with cold water
  • Payment systems
  • 2-phase
More Information
BrandCafé du Jour
Produced inNetherlands
Cups per day240
Number of users75+
Coffee machine drinksCafé au lait, Café macchiato, Cappuccino, Cappuccino speciaal, Chocolademelk, Dubbele espresso, Espresso, Heet water, Koffie, Suiker, Wiener melange

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