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Finest Jasmine - Tea Cultures No. 12 - 25 tea bags

Finest Jasmine - Tea Cultures No. 12
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This Chinese green tea with jasmine blend perfectly, giving the tea a smooth, delicate flavour and a floral fragrance. Making jasmine tea is a special process and takes a very long time. After the green tea is picked and processed in spring, it is stored until the jasmine blossom is ready to be picked. After the jasmine blossom is picked, it is blended with the green tea. To intensify the flavour of jasmine in the tea, the mixture is turned several times. This turning process is also called perfuming and can take more than a month. To make 1 kg of jasmine tea, sometimes more than 7 kg of jasmine blossoms are needed.

Taste description: soft, fresh and floral


The aim of Tea Cultures is to combine tea of exceptional quality, with exclusive concepts for tea lovers who take their tea moment seriously. Tea Cultures looks beyond exclusive teas, we have a certain view of the world. Tea Cultures believes it is about uniting different people and bringing good friends together. The more we learn about different cultures, the more open, tolerant and empowered we become. Tea Cultures is aware that every culture has its own values and norms. Enjoy your daily ritual with Tea Cultures, the essence of tea.

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BrandTea Cultures
Produced inNetherlands

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