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Gift package - Coffee moment Deluxe - 5 items

Geschenkpakket - Koffiemoment Deluxe - 5 artikelen

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Giving a nice package to your employees is of course a part of it as a boss, you have to keep them happy after all. So what fun and goodies are you going to come up with for those hard-working coffee drinkers, exactly! Coffee. But with coffee comes a biscuit, and what if someone only drinks tea, should there be no sugar in it, and what is really good coffee? No need to panic, we've already sorted it all out for you. So you only have to think about who you want to give this "luxury" package to.

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    This luxury package is completely designed to bring you pure luxury when it comes to coffee and tea. And of course that takes quite a bit, luckily we at Café du Jour have been able to give the package the right "deluxe" stamp after long discussions and extensive experiments. And now you as a boss are of course curious whether this package does not secretly also belong to your own luxurious life, you will be amazed.

    • Café du Jour fresh coffee - Madrugador - 250 grams: Coffee beans selected from the best coffee beans from exclusive countries that bring you a luxurious and delicious coffee experience at home.
    • Café du Jour fresh tea - Crunchy Apple Pie: An extremely luxurious tea blend inspired by the delicious smell and taste of apple pie.
    • Cantuccini's - 175 grams: Almond cookies made in the Italian way that give you a nice touch of Italian luxury.
    • Candy sticks: Beautiful sugar crystals on a stick to stir through your coffee or tea. Stirring with crystals, that is real luxury.
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    BrandCafé du Jour
    Produced inNetherlands
    CaffeineWith caffeine
    • T-sac no.1: Practical items are luxury items and these handy tea bags ensure that you can fill your tea bags to your own taste in peace. Exactly on the gram so that it is perfect for you alone, so real luxury.

    It will be difficult to return to normal life after this "deluxe" package, because you quickly get used to luxury. Fortunately, this is a great motivation for your employees to work hard for a new "coffee moment deluxe" package. This way you make your employees happy, and you motivate them for new achievements. satisfied employees and top performance? That is perhaps an employer's greatest luxury!


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