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Piazza D'oro: Special coffee for everyone

  1. Piazza d'Oro Dolce - coffee beans - 1 KG
    Piazza d'Oro Dolce - coffee beans - 1 KG
    Fruity, Nuts Mild (1/4)
    As low as 13,94
    14.24 / kg
  2. Piazza d'Oro Intenso - coffee beans - 1 KG
    Piazza d'Oro Intenso - coffee beans - 1 KG
    Herbs Strong (3/4)
    As low as 14,54
    14.24 / kg
  3. Piazza d'Oro Forza - coffee beans - 1 KG
    Piazza d'Oro Forza - coffee beans - 1 KG
    Chocolate Strong (3/4)
    Regular Price 14.99 Special Price 13.49
    13.49 / kg
  4. Piazza d'Oro Amabile - coffee beans - 1 KG
    Out of Stock
    Piazza d'Oro Amabile - coffee beans - 1 KG
    Fruity, Herbs, Nuts Mild (1/4)
    As low as 13.79
    14.54 / kg

Coffee is not just a drink. It is a ritual, a moment for yourself or with others. A good cup of coffee can make your day. Piazza D'oro understands this like no other and therefore has 260 years of experience in creating special coffee moments.

What makes Piazza D'oro so special?

The name 'Piazza D'oro' has a charming ring to it. In Dutch, it means "golden squares". This playfully refers to the shape of a coffee bean. Although coffee beans are not exactly square, the name provides a touch of humour.

260 years of craftsmanship

Imagine, 260 years ago, Piazza D'oro began perfecting their coffee. Over the centuries, they have evolved and improved, always with one clear mission: to offer every coffee drinker an unforgettable moment.

Unique ingredients make the difference

Pepper or cucumber in coffee? It sounds unusual, but Piazza D'oro experiments with such ingredients to make their coffee unique. Surprising flavours like these add an extra dimension to your coffee experience.

Piazza D'oro is recommended by experts

Top chefs and experienced baristas have given their endorsement to Piazza D'oro. These experts know what makes good coffee and when they recommend it, you know it's special.

Piazza D'oro's contribution to a sustainable future

In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, Piazza D'oro is also doing its bit. They strive for eco-friendly production processes and ensure their coffee farmers are treated and paid fairly.

Different blends for every moment

Piazza D'oro offers different coffee blends. Whether you like a strong espresso or a smooth cappuccino, there is always a blend that suits you perfectly.


Drinking coffee is an experience, especially with Piazza D'oro. Its rich history, unique flavours and expert recommendations make this coffee a top choice. Want to enjoy a special coffee moment every day? Then choose Piazza D'oro.

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