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Krak Chocolate - Colombia Sierra Nevada - Milk Chocolate

Krak Chocolade - Colombia Sierra Nevada - Melk Chocolade
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The Sierra Nevada is a majestic mountain range in the northern part of Colombia, bordering the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean coast and reaching 18,700 feet in height. Cacao de Colombia recently installed a state-of-the-art fermentation and drying center in the lower-lying community of Macondo, where they mainly source cocoa from about 10 farming families in the Magdalena department.

The technical expertise of these farmers is excellent: farmers even do their own pollination experiments to improve quality and yields, which are currently around 700 kg/ha in the region. Cacao de Colombia has been providing technical support and a stable market to farmers in the Sierra Nevada for the past 6 years, and the results are evident in both the quality of the cocoa and the impact on farmers. Farmers report a 72% higher annual income than before this new market existed.


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BrandKrak Chocolade
Produced inNetherlands
Pack size80 gram

Krak Chocolate is the company of bean-to-bar chocolate maker Mark Schimmel. Where most chocolatiers and confectioners use melted factory chocolate, Mark controls the entire process himself.

Selecting cocoa beans, per harvest year, of special origin, roasting and rolling the chocolate creates unique flavors that you will not find in supermarket chocolate bars.


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