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There is little like a nice quiet evening on the couch with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Candles and an exciting series to curl up against each other. But then something to drink, and yes wine is also so chewed out. We ourselves thought more of a romantic cup of tea with a delicious delicacy to enjoy together. And what could be more romantic than chocolate and roses. This romantic package makes your evening just that little bit better, and more romantic.


Yes, you have to arrange such a romantic evening well and this package has everything in it

one, you just have to pick the movie yourself (although Breakfast at Tiffany's is always good). To keep the romantic atmosphere in the package, we have put some tasty things in the package that will make the evening a success!

  • Café du Jour - Rose romantique - loose leaf tea: A delicious tea made with rose petals and oolong tea to keep the atmosphere wonderful.
  • Café du Jour - Rose garden - loose leaf tea: More roses? Yes of course, there is not much more romantic than roses and this delicious tea blend of black and green tea makes it almost impossible to ruin the atmosphere, that's a strong blend!
  • T-sac no.1: Make your date a little more active by filling the tea bags together so that you can talk about that cup of romance you made together. (then takes the tension out of the air)
  • Candy sticks: Of course you have to be nice to your date, or be sweet. which literally translates as sweet, and what could be more delicious than a sweet candy stick in that delicious cup of rose petals.
  • Raisins Tricolore: Of course you also have to put something delicious on the table for your date, well what's better than chocolates? Not much at all. And these raisins are surrounded by all different kinds of chocolate, dark, milk and white chocolate. That's safe too, because if he doesn't really like it, you still have two options!

Planning the perfect date is of course quite a challenge. But that's why we have already planned your first step at Café du Jour. In any case, the “RomanTea's moment” provides a nice introduction. So you don't have to think, just order. Oh and pick a movie, don't forget!

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