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Peru Arabica HB MCM grade 1 - unroasted coffee beans - 1 kilo

Peru Arabica HB MCM grade 1 - ongebrande koffiebonen
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Peru Arabica HB MCM grade 1 is characterised by medium to low acuity with a complex aroma. The coffee is very mild with a slightly sweet berry taste and a hint of dark chocolate. It leaves a pleasant aftertaste in the mouth.

Please note that this is an unroasted coffee which still needs to be roasted before consumption.


The quality assessment of coffee from Peru uses the term "Machine Cleaned Mejorado" (MCM) to denote a high degree of mechanical sorting and preparation for export. The cupping profile of a standard Peru Gr. 1 MCM speciality tends towards nutty, chocolatey flavours, usually with fresh acidity, light-medium body and a firm finish.

Peru is an extremely promising country as a producer of high-quality coffee. Thanks to its extremely high altitudes and fertile soil, the country's small farmers also produce exceptionally good coffee.

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BrandCafé du Jour
Produced inPeru

Although coffee arrived in Peru as early as the 1700s, very little coffee was exported until the end of the 1800s. Until then, most coffee produced in Peru was consumed locally. When coffee plants in Indonesia were affected by leaf rust in the late 19th century, a country that was central to European coffee imports at the time, Europeans looked elsewhere for their shot. Peru was a perfect option.

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