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Café du Jour fresh total tea package

Café du Jour verse losse thee - totaal pakket - 8 x 100 gram

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The Café du Jour fresh tea total package. A delicious combination of the tastiest tea in our range, from a powerful Earl Gray to a delicious Fresh Herbs herbal tea. With this package we want to give you a complete picture in one go of what we have in store in the field of fresh tea. That is why you will not only find black tea in the package, but also a bag of green tea, oolong tea and even a delicious white tea. In short, the fresh total tea package!


The Café du Jour Tea total package is made to give you a complete picture of what we have to offer in the field of tea. That is why we have selected eight different teas from our range, all of which are unique in terms of taste, smell and background! Because every tea has its own story, let's start quickly:

  • Earl Grey - 100 grams: Made from the finest leaves and natural aromas, our earl gray is super fresh and wonderfully soft. A true classic in the tea world that has forever immortalized its place.
  • Pure Rooibos - 100 grams: Originating from beautiful South Africa, our Rooibos is a delicious fresh tea that is also caffeine free. What else do you want?
  • Eastern Oranges - 100 grams: The eastern oranges is a green tea with a fresh taste that is slightly spiced by the orange. After a first sip, you might even taste a little eucalyptus or juniper berries.
  • Jasmine - 100 grams: The special ensemble of tea and blossom brings us this beautiful tea. The tea leaves are scented twice with the jasmine blossom and that gives a delicious full taste with a nice scent.
  • Forest Fruit - 100 grams: Forest fruit is a delicious tea with forest fruits. He wakes you up in this way and provides a positive approach to the day. Take a moment and enjoy.
  • Silenceuse - 100 grams: A delicious sweet tea with a slightly floral touch. Soft yet so full of flavour. That makes you quiet.
  • Oolong - 100 grams: Also called black dragon tea, it is a somewhat coarser tea with a delicious sweet aroma. The sweet aroma in combination with the nutty character provides a delicious taste.

The tea total package makes all your tea wishes come true for 1 competitive price. So don't hesitate any longer and treat yourself, your visitors or someone else with this delicious total tea package, that's all you need, right?


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