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Café du Jour Single Serve Drip Coffee - Roasters Blend DECAF - Filter coffee on the GO!

Café du Jour Single Serve Drip Coffee - Roasters Blend DECAF - filterkoffie voor onderweg!
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Your favorite coffee everywhere you want: at work, on holiday, during the picknick, in your hotel, even on that walk you take every monday afternoon. No mess no trouble, you just need hot water.

This is the way for on the road coffee, on the road fresh coffee. Forget instant coffee and go for fresh roasted ground coffee. The Café du Jour Single Serve Drip Coffee is ground coffee in a readymade bag for one cup. Just throw it in the cup and add hot water. So all you need for great and fresh coffee is Café du Jour Single Serve Drip coffee and some hot water, how easy can it be?!

The Roasters Blend Decaf is a decaf coffee but not for wimps! This spicy decaf makes you question if it really is a decaf coffee. The taste can remind you of dark chocolate.

One bag contains 10 gram ground coffee en is instantly ready for use. You just need a cup and some hot water.


Instructions for the Café du Jour Drip Bag

  1. Carefully open the outer packaging and take the drip bag out of the packaging.
  2. Tear open the drip bag next to the tear line that says "OPEN HERE".
  3. Place the cardboard arms of the drip bag over the edge of the cup so it stays in place.
  4. Slowly pour 180 to 200 ml hot water (Less for stronger coffee, more for weaker coffee) through the coffee in the drip bag. Take some breaks pouring so the coffee can take up the water.
  5. Leave the drip bag in for a minute before taking it out
  6. Enjoy your on the go coffee!
More Information
BrandCafé du Jour
Produced inNetherlands
Pack size10 gram
Coffee typeSingle serve drip bag
Varietyarabica & robusta
Suitable forFilter coffee
Country of originColombia en Vietnam. Produced in the Netherlands
CaffeineWithout caffeine
Reviews 1

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