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Café du jour single origins fresh coffee 7 x 250 grams

Café du jour single origins fresh coffee 7 x 250 gram
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Freshly roasted single origin coffees

This sample pack of freshly roasted Café du Jour coffees consists of 7 x 250g single origin coffees. Each bag contains 100% arabica coffee from one region. The perfect way to get an idea of the different flavours from different regions. For instance, you might taste that Ethopian coffee is a bit spicier, Brazilian coffee is a bit more subtle and harmonious and coffee from Guatemala is a bit fruitier.

The coffees in this pack:

  • Yirgacheffe: Made famous in recent years for its outstanding quality, aroma and flavour. Not undeservedly so! It is a fresh coffee with an intense aroma and sweet taste.
  • Brazil: Suitable for both beans and filter coffee, a fine all-rounder with hints of chocolate and nuts.
  • Peru: is a compact bean, a bit more complex than the other coffees. This complexity creates a totally unique flavour that is smooth on the palate.
  • Colombia: this coffee has something chocolatey, which makes for a pleasant sweet finish with a fine aroma and medium acidity.
  • Nicaragua: Originating from the high mountains, this coffee is characterised by its everywhere large beans. this gives it a mild flavour with nutty and fruity undertones.
  • Tanzania: Coffee around Mount Kilimanjaro. A nice sharp flavour with a vinous acidity.
  • Guatemala: is known for its acidity. It is a lot more "fruity" than most coffees and much less bitter, might take some getting used to but is really tasty!

Freshly roasted coffee

Did you know that coffee from the supermarket is often a year old before it goes into the machine at your home? That is definitely not the case with this coffee! We roast small batches every week so the coffee is never more than about four weeks old before it is delivered to your home. You'll find the roasting date on every pack.

Café du jour Coffee Beans

Café du Jour's own-brand coffee beans are roasted on a small scale by a specialist roaster. The beans are roasted and stocked weekly, so the roast date is always recent. The roast date is therefore noted on the packaging label.

Resealable coffee packaging

Whether you buy 250g, 500g or a kilo Café du Jour coffee beans: they always come in a special resealable packaging. The coffee bag has a special resealable rim so you can always re-pack the coffee airtight. On the front of each bag is a valve, this allows gases and air to escape from the bag without allowing air from outside to flow back into the bag. This way, we do everything possible to preserve the optimal freshness of your coffee!

More Information
BrandCafé du Jour
Produced inNetherlands
Pack size2 kilo
Coffee typeCoffeebeans, Ground coffee
Intensity8 - Powerful
TasteVarious flavours
Suitable forEspresso, Filter coffee, Cappuccino, Affogato, Americano, Caffè choco, Caffè corretto, Caffè latte, Caffè lungo, Cortado, Doppio, Espresso macchiato, Flat white, Irish Coffee, Latte macchiato, Macchiato, Ristretto
Country of originProduced in the Netherlands
CaffeineWith caffeine
Koffie brandingMedium roast
Reviews 47

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