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Coffee beans; making your own blend

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Make your own coffee blend online at Café du Jour! Our roast master is getting less coffee breaks. Every order consist of 2kg coffee beans that you can pick yourself. Decide your own blend and the roast master will serve it right up. On every package the roast date is noted.


Ready for the next level? Is it time for something new? Are you curious to how real fresh coffee beans taste? From now on it's possible to make your own blend of coffee beans!

As soon as you order your special blend the bells ring in our roastery. The coffee beans are prepared and your blend is in the making. The beans are never older than four weeks and are roasted on city to full city roasts. Afterwards the beans are mixed to the blend your ordered!

Extra fresh

On every package we note the roast date, most of the time this is the same as the week you ordered in. The beans are never older than four weeks. The coffee is in theory good for about a year till it expires. With taste your better off drinking your coffee within two months.

Is this for me?

Yes, this way of trying coffee is an absolute try before you die. Other pre-packed coffee's are sometimes months old before they even leave the warehouse, even older when they enter your machine. The beans we deliver are garantueed to be roasted just hours before they are shipped. In case you have not tried fresh coffee beans of this type a whole new world will open.

Which coffee beans can I choose?

We took the liberty of choosing a few bean variants for you. We always advise to choose one or two arabica and add an optional robusta. If you decide to add a robusta with your arabica we add the desired amount of robusta in the coffee blend. This gives your coffee blend that extra taste you want. Some advice if you can't decide: take some arabica Brazil Santos first and combine it whith some Indonesia robusta.Choose these and experiment for yourself with the desired amounts. Is it not powerfull enough, not fruity, spicy enough. You can always make changes on your next order. You can for example add some guatemala for some sour, the Ethiopia Lekempti for something more spicy or the Colombia for that cacao aftertaste.

Taste is of course personal but as in some dishes things don't match the same counts for coffee. The quite sour taste of Guatemala is not well matched with the spicy Ethiopia. A mild coffee bean like Brazil Santos mixes well with a sour bean like the guatemala, to add a little punch you can always add some robusta (10%-30%). Don't doubt to long but do keep in mind what you like. This way you can keep playing with the taste, don't worry we always note your choices on the bag. Handy for you and the roast master.

What roast do the beans have?

The beans are between city and full city roasts, the beans are not greasy and can easily be put into an automatic coffee machine.

I want something special, is that possible?

In most cases, of course! In the box of notes and questions to the roast master you can leave your specifications. Something handy is to leave your phone number in the box so we can reach you to make sure your request is completed in the best way possible. Do you want us to add a card or some nice packaging, no problem! Let us know for what and how you want it and we will make it happen. Without extra costs of course, like your used too. Furthermore people want their names on the packaging. Easy we got it, but do be sure to state the name clearly so we can avoid mistakes.

Resealable Coffee packaging.

Whether you decide to buy 250 grams, 500 grams or a kilo coffee beans the packaging will always be resealable. The coffee packaging is provided with a special resealable edge so the packaging is always closed airtight. On the front of the bag is fitted with a filter so air and other gasses can escape the bag without letting air in. This is how we make sure everything is done to save the freshness of your coffee!

More Information
BrandCafé du Jour
Produced inNetherlands
Coffee typeCoffeebeans
Taste & aromaVarious
Variety100% arabica
Country of originRoasted in the Netherlands
CaffeineWith caffeine
Reviews 23

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